Ta-da! Finally finished! Was anybody able to guess from my previous post that I was making a Doraemon?

Isn’t he cute? With the added phone strap, you can carry him around anywhere.

He also has a tail!

I grew up knowing this robotic cat by it’s Cantonese name 叮噹 [ding-dong], which is what it was introduced as and called in Hong Kong from 1976-1997 before it was changed to 多啦A夢 [doh-lahy-A-mohng], a direct phonetic translation of it’s Japanese name Doraemon. Nobody knows the exact reason for the name change, but it is rumoured that it was the author Fujiko Fujio’s last wish to unify the name around the world before he passed away in 1996. When the name change was made official in Hong Kong, it was as if a part of my childhood died with the change. It was the very first collection of manga I ever owned. Even though the new one is pronounced more true to the original Japanese, I still refuse to use it, and I’m sure many others who grew up with “Ding Dong” feel the same.

Off topic: I changed my iPhone case this week. It only took 3 months for the “snow” on my Jimmy case to turn into “mud”, so I switched to this Stitch case that I received from friends as a birthday present last year.

Next project preview…… (Want to guess again what I’m making?)

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