About Me

My name is Denesa [de-ne-sa], and the spelling is a combination of my parents’ names Dennis and Teresa. Born in San Francisco, California, I moved to Vancouver, B.C. with my family when I was 6. As a kid, I always collected random junk and recycled them into craft projects. To this day, I still love to turn ordinary materials into something extraordinary.


As a graphic designer and crochet enthusiast, when I am not sitting in front of my Mac doing graphics work, you will find me designing and creating personalized gifts for friends and family, because the happiness that appears on their faces when they receive the surprises gives me great joy and satisfaction. My other hobbies include knitting, sewing, sketching and painting, but crocheting tends to be my favourite technique. I also love to curl up in bed and read all day, take photos of my plushies in awkward yet cute positions, and rewatch old Hong Kong TVB dramas over and over and over again.

I enjoy traveling and have had the pleasure of visiting 35 cities in 10 countries. It has allowed me to pursue my other passions – eating, and photography (these two can be related as well). My favourite vacation destination will, however, forever and always be Disney related.