Ta-da! Finally finished! Was anybody able to guess from my previous post that I was making a Doraemon? Isn’t he cute? With the added phone strap, you can carry him around anywhere. He also has a tail! I grew up knowing this robotic cat by it’s Cantonese name 叮噹 [ding-dong], which is what it was introduced as and called in Hong Kong from 1976-1997 before it was changed to 多啦A夢 [doh-lahy-A-mohng], a direct phonetic translation of it’s Japanese name Doraemon…. [Continue Reading…]

An an an tottemo daisuki

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I wish everyone happiness, good health and prosperity in 2013. Here is my progress update. Can anyone guess what I’m crocheting? (The post title is a hint ;))