Back in 604!

Haven’t posted in so long. This past month I’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year and exploring Hong Kong with my boyfriend that I haven’t seen in over a year. Then I was busy trying to pack 3 months worth of shopping into two luggages to bring back to Vancouver. I actually received the following birthday present that I ordered online for myself near the end of last month……

Don’t let the XL Awkward Turtle** fool you, it’s actually the two sets of crochet hooks beside it!

**On a side note, if you don’t who Wong Fu Productions are, I recommend you to check them out! They are an independent production company primarily known for their YouTube channel. They produce all sorts of videos that range from amazing to hilarious, and also design adorable plush toys and other merchandise available for purchase from their online store, which is where my XL Awkward Turtle came from 🙂

When I initially learned amigurumi 12 years ago, I bought a basic Japanese Tulip brand size 5/0 crochet hook and, following a chart pattern from a book, crocheted a Moomin as a gift. From then on, my interest in amigurumi began to grow. Soon after, I got a size 6/0 hook as well, and a year later, I bought my first set of crochet hooks.

This set has accompanied me through ten years worth of projects. However, since the yarn I bought recently is incredibly thin, even the smallest size 1/0 from that set made the stitches too loose; therefore, I decided to order a set of Tulip Sucre Beads Crochet Hooks online. It seemed about time to invest in better and comfier tools, and I just love the candy colours! While looking through the shop for other craft materials, I came across the Tulip ETIMO Rose Crochet Hooks set that I had wanted long ago, and it was on sale! Who could resist right? So I  immediately added it to the shopping cart and proceeded to check out.

I will go back to crocheting now. Hope my new pretty hooks will give me more motivation and inspiration for creations!

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