About Daidailand

Daidailand [dahy-dahy-land] is a village where daidai and its friends live. What is a daidai? To other people, it is a skinny, white pillow around 53 cm long that I have had since the day I was born, but to me, it is my beloved friend that gives me comfort simply at the touch of its cotton shirt or at the smell of baby powder that radiates from the polyester filling. After 26 years, I cannot sleep without it now, so when it was time to give my crafting hobby a name, naturally Daidailand came to me right away.

Over the years, daidai has made some other friends too (mainly bunnies, since I was born in the year of the rabbit). They spend most of their daytimes sleeping on my bed, and at night they take care of me while I enter my dreams and join their picnics in Daidailand.