Tea and Tarts

After introducing the English dynamic duo milk and cookies last week, this time I created the best Asian partner for tea…egg tart! But now little egg tart is lonely by himself. Any suggestions as to what other dim sum friends I should try to make?

Milk and Cookies

“Hello everyone, I am chocolate gingerbread man! I am less than one week old and single. In my free time I like to meet teas and other cookies. If you are interested in a date, feel free to call me at……” Milk and cookies or, in my case, milk tea and gingerbread man cookies together make a great afternoon snack. This is the project that I showed a sneak preview of last time. After advertising for chocolate gingerbread man’s online… [Continue Reading…]

Happy Easter!

I’ve been staying home this long weekend updating my portfolio. How did you spend your long weekend? I crocheted the Easter egg to exact life size (the size of the eggs in my fridge anyways).


Ta-da! Finally finished! Was anybody able to guess from my previous post that I was making a Doraemon? Isn’t he cute? With the added phone strap, you can carry him around anywhere. He also has a tail! I grew up knowing this robotic cat by it’s Cantonese name 叮噹 [ding-dong], which is what it was introduced as and called in Hong Kong from 1976-1997 before it was changed to 多啦A夢 [doh-lahy-A-mohng], a direct phonetic translation of it’s Japanese name Doraemon…. [Continue Reading…]

Back in 604!

Haven’t posted in so long. This past month I’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year and exploring Hong Kong with my boyfriend that I haven’t seen in over a year. Then I was busy trying to pack 3 months worth of shopping into two luggages to bring back to Vancouver. I actually received the following birthday present that I ordered online for myself near the end of last month…… Don’t let the XL Awkward Turtle** fool you, it’s actually the two… [Continue Reading…]

An an an tottemo daisuki

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I wish everyone happiness, good health and prosperity in 2013. Here is my progress update. Can anyone guess what I’m crocheting? (The post title is a hint ;))

Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

I initially crocheted a pair of mini “good luck” tangerine for Chinese New Year, but they turned out looking more like orange cherries than mini tangerines, so I decided to make a larger one…… Ta-da! Which version do you guys like more? I used a 1mm thick Chinese knotting cord instead of yarn to give it a shiny “Chinese New Year” look. Here is my first pattern “Good Luck Tangerine” to share with everyone. It is done according to the… [Continue Reading…]